A great start)

He was thrown into the road of madness and the first chords of Lennon's song "MOTHER" - a completely static, abstract figure, in which there is no life, but there is only one characteristic - he is looking for her mother.

"Ведь так не бывает на свете, чтоб были потеряны дети"

He just voted. Funny reaction to the dog on him
And as the world begins to move, mannequin into a man.
It is their history, habits, emotions.
He is obviously insane - and absolutely beautiful - sickly, nervous, frightening charm, to which Gary Oldman - an unrivaled master.

"You have bad taste - cheese with mold, the car without a roof ..."

Mammy! He did not know what to do in the next moment, driven by love and hate, like Orestes by Erin.

It is appalling and crazy - spontaneity, mystery, incomprehensible threat, the patient sexuality. His madness is contagious. From him the creeps throws - that of disgust, then pity, then with delight. I do not know the actor is able to combine these things so clearly and effectively, as Oldman.

Little Martin still here? )